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Book Review: One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards

One Was Lost - Natalie D. Richards

While on a field trip, a group of students are thrown into a crisis when large amounts of rain cause a river to flood and wash out a bridge. The students are forced apart - four students and a teacher on one bank while the other teacher and two students remain on the other side. With night approaching the students must set up camp and wait out the rain. As easy as that may seem, the students wake up the next day in a daze, the teacher is severely ill, and someone has been in their camp and destroyed their belongings. Accusations are quick to fly and the students are left not knowing what to do or who to trust.


After reading the blurb for this book I was really intrigued. I love suspense thrillers and I knew the story could have great potential. The story starts with the students already in the woods on their field trip and I really enjoyed that. I was thrust into the characters' lives and the environment that they are enduring. I felt a connection with them and felt bad at their current situation. Once the mysterious character enters the picture - destroying belongings, writing words on their wrists, cutting hair, etc - I was urged to keep reading so I could see how the story ended. Without giving away spoilers, it was immediately clear to me that certain characters (whether active or just mentioned in passing) either were or were not guilty of being involved. I think the author got so wrapped up in trying to create confusion on who was involved that some parts had too many details. It really slowed the story down for me.


Overall, the story was intriguing and I finished the book in two sittings. I was able to guess the antagonist about midway through, which was a little disappointing, but their motive was a surprise to me. I also liked the message that the author was trying to send, or at least the one that I took away from the story. Though we may come from very different backgrounds, we all have issues we are going through and you should never judge a person without knowing them.