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Book Review: Winner Takes All by Erin Kern

Winner Takes All (Champion Valley) - Erin Kern

Blake Carpenter has fallen from grace. Previously at the top of his game, a drug scandal and busted knee quickly ended his professional football career and sent him packing to a Colorado town. There he must try to build back up the public image he lost and coach a losing high school football team to the play offs. With everything riding on whether he can lead his new team to victory, Blake doesn’t have time for distractions. In particular, a distraction named Annabelle Turner.


Annabelle is a physical therapist and must have everything her way. She’s headstrong and passionate, especially about the team that she works with. When the new coach arrives and is pushing the boys to new levels, her concern for the team is heightened, along with the feelings she’d swore she’d never feel for anyone again. Though she is attracted to Blake, she knows that nothing will come from the heat that she feels when she is near him. He doesn’t do serious relationships, and she doesn’t do casual flings.


What I absolutely loved about this book was that instead of rushing into a relationship, the characters waited. The author enhances the characters with each passing chapter, chipping away at the superficial elements and adding to their true selves rather than shoving them into bed. It allowed me to get to know the characters and I was invested in them and eager to see where they would go, whether that was down the same path or on individual journeys.


Winner Takes All is a true must read romance novel with heart.