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Book Review: Rival Seduction by Alexandrea Weis

Rival Seduction - Alexandrea Weis

Heather is a strong ER nurse who is constantly running from her past. Building walls around her heart, she has shut herself off from men and romance in general. It's just easier that way. Instead, she puts her focus into her horses and jumping them in competitions. Nothing can take away the thrill of winning.


Enter Grant Crowley...


Grant is a sexy cattleman who has a habit of getting under Heather's skin. His confidence is appealing to her, but his rumored way with the ladies he dates keeps her from viewing him as anything but a rival. Not to mention he is always beating her in the horse competitions they enter. Before either Grant or Heather know it, their lives are thrust together and they are forced to confront their rivalry and the chemistry that is building between them.


I really enjoyed Rival Seduction! The last several books I've read have had paranormal elements so it was great to come back to reality, so to speak, and read a book between normal people and the raw emotions that they are going through. The author portrays the emotion and tension in a way that easily grabbed my attention and kept me reading. I felt for both Heather and Grant and the issues they were going through in their separate lives, in addition to the issues they faced when confronted with each other. The sexual scenes sometimes bordered on too rough, but that's just a personal opinion. Sometimes horses aren't the only things that need to be broken before they can reach their true potential. Definitely a HOT read!


For mature 18+ readers only due to sexual content.