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Red Girl, Blue Boy - Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Katie has dedicated her entire life to helping her father on the campaign trail. Nothing exists in her world other than keeping her eye on the prize and helping her father work his way up the political ladder. Her dedication pays off when her father is the lead Republican nominee in the race to the White House. Nothing should be able to distract her from the campaign but Drew does just that.


Drew has never wanted to be in the political spotlight. But after his father comes into some money, thus changing their lives forever, his mother sets off to achieve her dream of becoming president. When she becomes the lead Democratic nominee, Drew starts to realize that he won’t be able to stay out of politics, especially when his mother’s opponent’s daughter calls him a whip on national television.


I was intrigued to read Red Girl, Blue Boy from the synopsis. I’ve been reading some heavier material lately and thought that this would lighten the mood up and provide a quick and fluffy read and it did just that. The characters are lightly written, revealing just enough detail to get the job done. I liked the chemistry between Katie and Drew, during both the good and bad times, but wish I would have seen a little more development. They are both quick to judge and believe rumors which I found to be a little disappointing since the political world revolves around rumors and hearsay.


I do, however, feel that this book will be good for younger readers who are curious about politics. If it gets them involved, hopefully they will take that into adulthood and it will help encourage them to stay involved and vote.


If you are looking for a slightly cheesy romance that is a quick read, look no further. It was great to pass the time and I would consider reading another from this standalone series.


I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion.