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Summit of the Wolf (Silver Wolf Clan Book 4) - Tera Shanley

Silver wolves have gone extinct, or at least that is what everyone thought until Morgan became one. Being the only one of her kind, and the only bloodline that is able to have werewolf offspring, Morgan is now in high demand. The rival packs will do anything to claim her, even though she has already been claimed by alpha wolf, Greyson. Will being claimed stop the bloodshed caused while trying to take her or will the ones in power have other ways to put her breeding ability to good use?

Morgan is a strong woman and wolf. Due to events that have taken place in her past, she has some trust issues that she is trying to work through. It seems that when she finally makes progress, something else occurs that will set her back. People she has grown to care for are dying while trying to protect her. Morgan and her mate travel to the annual summit so that they can stop rumors and address the other packs directly. The tension was there and it kept me reading but I would have liked some of the loose ends wrapped up. We meet a character in the beginning, who appears to have some importance, but he never shows back up or is explained. It was as if he was just written in to take up space. If there are more novellas in this series, hopefully he will be explained in greater detail.

Summit of the Wolf is the fourth novella in the Silver Wolf Clan series. I was unaware of this when I requested the book from NetGalley because neither the description nor the cover indicated that it was book four. I only realized that it was part of a series when I opened the book on my Kindle. Though I was able to read the story fine without having read the previous three installments, I was left trying to fill in the missing pieces. Enough was mentioned in this story that I can guess what happened but I really wish I knew exact details. In my opinion, this isn't able to stand on it's own so be sure to read the others before this one. It was an enjoyable read but having read this one first, I'm not likely to go back and read the others since I know how it all plays out.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.