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Blackmail Boyfriend (Entangled Crush) - Chris Cannon

Haley is your typical good girl. She is an honor student and practically invisible thanks to her over protective brothers who have threatened any boy who dares to show interest in her. All she wants is to get her brothers to lay off so that she has the chance to find a boyfriend.

Bryce is a rich and popular guy who can have his pick of any girl. He soon starts regretting his choice of women when his shallow, materialistic girlfriend becomes too clingy. After trying to break up with her three times, he resorts to hooking up with someone else to make her leave him alone. The only problem is the girl he hooked up gave him the wrong name. Haley's name. What starts out as a mistake turns into a compromise when Haley decides to blackmail Bryce into being her "boyfriend" to show that she's girlfriend material and to keep her brothers at bay.

This story developed quickly. We jump straight into the rumor mill and Haley uses it to her advantage. It ends up creating more problems for her and she starts to question if it was worth it. While both Haley and Bryce agreed to the situation, both questioned how they really felt about it and each other. I would have like to see more character development though. Haley was very touchy, jumping from like to hate and back again too quickly. Bryce was similar, being spoiled and wanting things to go a certain way one minute to being a jerk the next minute.

There were also a few bombshells dropped that should have garnered more of a reaction from both Haley and Bryce but they were placed on the back burner. I would have liked to see the situations play a larger role in the story as I feel it would have given more depth to their characters.

All in all this was a quick read and a pleasant way to pass the time. There were some funny moments and secondary characters, Nathan and Jane, made the story interesting.

I received a copy of Blackmail Boyfriend from the publisher, Entangled Publishing, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.