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Scarred - Elizabeth Montgomery

Avery feels like an outsider. Her whole life has consisted of her building up walls to protect herself from the bullying she receives due to something she can't help. She was born with a cleft lip and though the surgeries have fixed it and the scars are minimal, teenagers will be teenagers. Avery must learn to take risks and not let anyone pull her down so that she doesn't spend her life missing out on the good things coming her way.

Scarred was a quick read that shows what teenagers think and feel when they encounter bullying. It reminds us that bullying is inevitable and we each have to find out own way to deal with it. Just as being bullied has multiple facets, Scarred shows us that bullies may have something going on in their lives that has encouraged their behavior. It's important to stay strong and take the higher road, especially when karma comes knocking because as the saying goes: What goes around, comes around.