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Naomi Grim (Complete Novel) (Book 1 of The Silver Scythe Chronicles) - Tiffany Nicole Smith

Naomi is a Grim. Her one and only job is to collect lifestones from humans after they die. Grims are not only paid for each lifestone they collect, they also have the age of the deceased added to their own life, thus allowing them to live forever if they keep acquiring lifestones. Like with most jobs, her boss has total control over who is assigned to collect lifestones so every Grim lives by a certain set of rules to stay in good favor. When the opportunity of a lifetime arises, Naomi and her brothers are given a huge assignment that will propel them from the middle class to the Upper Estates and guarantee their comfy lifestyle. Death is knocking and now Naomi must choose which door to open: guarantee the life of her family or save the lives of hundreds of teenagers.

I absolutely loved reading this book! It has an interesting storyline that kept me wanting to know more. Naomi has only known death and yet she can't help feeling like she should do something to help humans continue to live. It's a hard choice anyone would have to make and it is easy to feel sympathy for Naomi. The plot only thickens as we are introduced to various levels of Grims and those who are being pushed aside and dying off, all because they aren't deemed worthy of collecting lifestones because they aren't rich or don't suck up to the boss enough.

My only complaint with this book is that the ending felt very rushed. The entire book was paced nicely but the end felt as though the author was rushing to complete the story before a word count cut the story off. I would have liked to know more about what happened to Naomi while she is in her current predicament and what kind of impact something of hers had on other Grims.

I will definitely be grabbing book two, Keira Grim, so that I can continue on this wonderful journey.

I was provided a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.