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Where the Road Takes Me - Jay McLean

Chloe is a girl who has built walls around her so high that they are impossible to breach. She refuses to let anyone get near her and is counting down the days until she graduates high school and can take to the road on her own adventure. The only problem with shutting everyone out is that it's an invite for people to try and tear down those carefully placed walls. Soon the day arrives where Chloe bumps into Blake, literally, and she begins questioning her heart and wondering if sometimes walls were meant to be taken down.

Overall, in my opinion, this book is a mix between the movies A Walk to Remember and Here on Earth, only with more adult language, drug use, and mild sexual situations. Chloe has lost both her mother and aunt to an illness and she may, one day, end up having the same illness. She decides to shut everyone out and go on a road trip on her own in an attempt, in her mind, to live life to the fullest but in doing so, she misses out on the real joys of life like friendship, family, love, and laughter. It was sweet the way that Blake relentlessly stayed by Chloe's side, and I understand the pain and fear that Chloe was experiencing, but while we were given the sense that Chloe was trying to do what was right for everyone by leaving, it felt like she was only taking the easy route and causing more pain for those she supposedly cared for. It was hard to connect to her because she was so conceited. Thankfully this changed toward the end of the story and it pulled me back in. I'm a sucker for cheesy romance, but honestly, it did take me longer than usual to get through this story because there wasn't really anything that grabbed my attention and the romance factor just wasn't as genuine feeling as I'd have liked.

A copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.