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The Third Twin - Cj Omololu

Alexa and Ava are identical twins. When they were young they pretended to have another identical sister that was to blame for everything. As they grew older, the third sister allowed them to step out of their comfort zones and be someone they weren't in reality and date people they wouldn't normally be seen with. Alicia has certain rules to go by, especially when it comes to boys, but someone is starting to break those rules. When a boy is killed after going on a date with Alicia, really Lexi, she decides it's time to stop the game but Ava isn't up for it. Lexi realizes she's starting to get in too deep when evidence starts piling up making her the number one suspect and also puts Ava near the crime scenes. Has Ava turned into a killer or is someone else trying to set them up?

I really enjoyed this book. After starting the story it became clear how the novel would end, or so I thought. While I was correct in my main assumption, twists were thrown in to keep me wondering about who the killer really was. The author did a great job of leading me to believe that it would go one way, only to plant seeds of doubt after a few more pages. I just had to keep reading to see who was being themselves and who was just playing a part.

Overall a wonderful story that I'm glad I had the chance to read. I liked that I was able to guess parts and that others kept me guessing. It was well written and suspenseful.