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Spawn Of Medusa - Mary Bernsen

Ambrosia, the daughter birthed from Medusa after she was beheaded, has spent her entire life preparing for the day she would get revenge. She wants nothing more than to find and kill Perseus, the demigod who took her mother from her. When the Fates point her in the right direction, she puts her best assets to work at a brothel owned by none other than Hercules. While her beauty may help her advance and become the most desired woman there, she is just waiting until she can fulfill her promise. Things are made much harder for Ambrosia when a man known as Chrysaor steps forward and claims to be the child born from Medusa. Then Perseus stumbles into the brothel and purchases her for a night in an attempt to save her from the grubby hands of Chrysaor, and Ambrosia's life is forever changed when he accidentally tells her that he failed and Medusa is very much alive. Ambrosia finds herself struggling with her feelings for the man she has gotten to know and killing the one determined to kill her mother once and for all.

Who doesn't enjoy a book filled with mythology that we are all familiar with? While we follow similar paths in Greek mythology, the author wrote the story in a way that made it her own. Ambrosia is a smart woman who will do whatever it takes, even selling her body to the highest bidder, while she waits patiently for her plan to take place. She is strong-willed and has a set way of thinking, but like everyone, she starts doubting everything she has known when things don't go the way she envisioned. Perseus is strong and worries about his reputation but can't deny that even though he is broken, there are things worth fighting for other than what people think of him.

Overall this was a quick read that had me feeling for the characters. The writing flowed nicely throughout the story and kept me turning the pages. The only thing I didn't really like about this book was that the ending felt too rushed. The whole book is leading up to a giant climax but then it just fizzled as everything fell into place and everyone went their respective ways. I would have liked to see the ending wrapped up a little better and provided some sort of closure other than what was provided. If you like Greek mythology, you should give The Spawn of Medusa a try.