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Reluctantly Married - Victorine E. Lieske

Megan and Adam are co-hosts on a daily morning show. While most co-hosts get along, Megan can’t stand Adam as he is always being mean to her on-air. The audience loves their bickering and it is great for ratings and so the boss forces Adam to keep picking on her or he’ll be fired. One thing leads to another and Megan finds herself doing a dating show with a major network where the contract states she must marry Adam at the end of the show. While the money is great, will she be able to be around Adam for the duration of the show without losing her heart in the process?

Reluctantly Married is a fun and quirky read! I sat down intending on reading a few chapters and before I knew it, my Kindle battery died when I was 84% done. If you’re a fan of reality television shows like The Bachelor, then you’ll enjoy this book as we get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into taping a show and how what we see may just be a pieced together version to boost ratings. I enjoyed the relationship between Megan and Adam as well. They are both flawed characters and have trust issues that prevent them from letting anyone in. Megan thinks Adam is in it for the money, and Adam thinks Megan is in it for her career, but they both are hiding feelings from each other.

Overall, this book was a quick and fun read that was a nice break from some of the longer/heavier books I’ve read lately. If you like romance and comedy, give this one a try.