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New World Order - S.M. McEachern

Sunny and Jack are back in the last installment of the Sunset Rising trilogy. We left off with the slaves being set free from the Dome and everyone trying to find a way to run the new city that everyone agrees with. Although people from the Pit are now free, it's hard to break a habit that has been forming for the last 300 years. It's hard to look at things with a fresh perspective but that is just what everyone needs to do if they are to live in harmony.

Having survived out in the wilderness after the war, Ryder believes he has been selected by the gods to repopulate the earth and spread their word by becoming the next president. Though some view his ways as kidnapping and enslaving, he and most of his followers, view it as saving and protecting. As Jack, who has been captured by Ryder's men, tries to understand Ryder's thinking, he longs to just be set free to return home. Sunny sets out to find Jack with the help of Summer and Reyes and what should be a straightforward mission turns into something much more. There is another uprising back home between the bourge and urchins and she needs to find Jack and take him back before time runs out.

New World Order was a thrilling read! I enjoyed where it picked up and was pleased to see what I had hoped for in book two had actually happened in this book. This story kept me entertained and guessing at what would happen next. It was a great way to end a series and I'm looking forward to see what future stories from the Pit may hold. If you haven't checked out this series, be sure to do so. You won't regret it!